GSA posts GEOINT, MASINT & GETS systems and applications support RFI

GSAOn February 5, the General Services Administration posted the following request for information for GEOINT, MASINT & GETS Systems and Applications Support (Solicitation Number: 4QBG21112016).

The General Services Administration (GSA), Federal Acquisition Service (FAS), Assisted Acquisition Services Division (AASD), on behalf of the 513th Military Intelligence Brigade at Fort Gordon, GA, is preparing to issue an extension of two (2) months for the period of performance from 17 March 2016 through 16 May 2016, and include an additional four (4) one (1) month options from 17 May 2016 through 16 September 2016 for a total of six (6) months, in accordance with the attached Performance Work Statement Section 1.5 – FAR 52.217-8, Option to Extend Services (Nov 1999).
This RFI is specifically issued to determine if any contractors exist who can perform the requirements listed in Section 3.0, Performance Requirements, in the attached PWS with no transition period by 17 March 2016. It is believed that no new contractor can perform this work without a transition period. If there are any contractors who feel they can provide the requirements in Section 3.0 of the PWS, please provide specific information per each PWS Section on how you could perform the work by 17 March 2016. If this information is not received by 09 February 2016 GSA will consider that no contractor is capable of providing this support without a transition period and will proceed with an extension of services under FAR 52.217-8.

Full information is available here.