Gryphon Sensors partners with WhiteFox Defense on Skylight counter-UAS system

Gryphon Sensors of Syracuse, NY announced on February 5 that it is partnering with WhiteFox Defense Technologies of San Luis Obispo, CA. Under this partnership, Gryphon Sensors is integrating WhiteFox’s non-jamming, non-kinetic mitigation and analysis capabilities with its Skylight system. The resulting RF-based sensor-driven system provides an industry leading unclassified and exportable counter-UAS system.

Gryphon Sensors Skylight employs a suite of radar and multispectral sensors that provide a comprehensive, real time, 3D, low-altitude airspace picture, with superior accuracy and long-range detection performance on small UAS. Adding WhiteFox’s mitigation and analytic capabilities to Skylight creates one of the most technically capable and robust counter-UAS solutions anywhere.

“We are very excited to be partnering with WhiteFox and their industry leading drone mitigation and analysis capabilities,” said Anthony Albanese, president of Gryphon Sensors. “Our companies have similar advanced, agile, rapid development and engineering environments that allow us to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving threat.”

“This powerful counter-UAS partnership will ring loud and clear through the market,” said Luke Fox, CEO, WhiteFox, “Two leaders are combining forces to deliver the very best products and services for the most demanding security and safety teams throughout the world.”

Source: Gryphon