Greystones secures AI Talent 2.0 BOA award

Greystones was selected to receive a Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) award for the Artificial Intelligence Talent 2.0 solicitation, the company announced August 9.

“Greystones is passionate about artificial intelligence and digital transformation and is honored to have been chosen to support the Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office,” said Turin Pollard, vice president of business development at Greystones Group. “This BOA was created to ensure that the Department of Defense has the best people, platforms and processes to support our warfighters.”

Stood up under Washington Headquarters Services (WHS) in 2022, the CDAO is offering the BOA to all DoD agencies to provide top-tier AI staff in support of their mission. The Department is responsible for the acceleration of the DoD’s adoption of data, analytics, and AI to generate decision advantage across, from the boardroom to the battlefield.

Source: Greystones Group

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