Greystones Group and ASR Analytics announce mentor-protégé JV

On July 5, Washington, DC-based Greystones announced the formation of Mission-Insights LLC, a mentor-protégé joint venture with ASR Analytics, a GCOM company. The new joint venture team will accelerate mission critical artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cognitive solutions for the U.S. civilian and defense markets.

Mission-Insights was formed under the U.S. Small Business Administration mentor-protégé program which supports enhanced growth for small businesses.

The joint venture will leverage Greystones’ AI/ML and analytics solutioning in the defense market, along with ASR Analytics’ applied data science capabilities and ability to scale. Mission-Insights capabilities include digital transformation, AI/ML, natural language processing or NLP, text analytics, and graph analytics.

“Our joint venture with ASR Analytics allows us to aggressively grow with the pace of this fast-growing market. ASR Analytics, along with its parent GCOM and affiliated companies, gives us the ability to pursue large, complex AI/ML and advanced analytics programs that we simply would not have the scale to support on our own,” said Sheila Duffy, CEO and founder of Greystones.

“Mission-Insights combines our unique mix of skills, domain expertise, and the ability to deliver proven leading-edge technology at scale,” said Ed Hau, VP of federal sales at GCOM.

Source: Greystones

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