GetSAT, Hughes, Klas Telecom, and NexTech Solutions partner to demonstrate On-The-Move SATCOM solution for HD video, voice and data connectivity

GetSAT, Hughes Network Systems, LLC (Hughes), Klas Telecom and NexTech Solutions (NTS) recently partnered at an exercise that took place June 28 – 29 in Virginia Beach, VA, to demonstrate an integrated Communications-On-The-Move (COTM) SATCOM solution for HD video, voice and data connectivity comprising multiple key technologies. The novel solution was first mounted in a fast-moving Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) where it provided an uninterrupted HD video call between six participants in various geographic locations, and subsequently was placed on a U.S. Navy watercraft where it delivered the same capability.

“Both the land and maritime vehicles were maneuvering at top speeds,” NTS Director of Engineering Louis Pacheco said. “We also experienced rainy and cloudy conditions and the system performed beautifully with high uplink and downlink speeds.”

Wayne Marhefka, senior director at Hughes Defense & Intelligence Systems Division (DISD) added, “The four companies provide a unique and powerful solution to meet many of the requirements facing the military today.”

The innovative COTM system comprised a Klas Telecom Voyager 8 baseband kit running Acano HD video collaboration software, Sonus VX for voice optimization and Riverbed Virtual Steelhead for data bandwidth optimization. A GetSAT Micro Satellite antenna was mounted on the roof of the SUV and onboard the ship, connected to the new Hughes HM200 COTM modem, which operates with the unique Hughes Scrambled Code Multiple Access (SCMA) waveform. A 1.8-meter satellite dish and HM100 modem located at the Hughes facility in Germantown, MD, provided hub and Internet connection.

“We were very excited to showcase this solution to our customers in Virginia Beach and the results confirm that the demo was a success,” said Klas Telecom Government President and CEO Dave Huisenga. “It is important for forward-thinking companies in our industry to collaborate so we can continue to support our military with the best technologies available.”

Source: Klas Telecom