Geospark Analytics wins DoD SBIR contract

On May 19, Herndon, VA-based Geospark Analytics announced that it was awarded a $1.5M Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract from the Department of Defense (DOD) to automate risk and threat intelligence forecasts. This is the third SBIR award for Geospark Analytics’ Hyperion cloud-based platform which provides analysts and operators unprecedented situational awareness and AI-driven forecasts of political, economic, and social risk across the globe. With this contract in place, Geospark Analytics will incorporate unique aeronautical data into Hyperion’s AI-powered platform, producing new machine-learning models that will enhance security and situational awareness for the DOD and have dual purpose applicability for commercial security operations.

Geospark Analytics looks forward to continuing to shape the force of the future and building upon the significant milestones it already reached to bring users to the next level of actionable intelligence. “Geospark Analytics is proud to partner with the Air Force to develop the next game-changer in risk intelligence,” said Geospark Analytics CEO and Founder Omar Balkissoon. “We have enjoyed our partnership with the Department in the past to meet the needs of the evolving future of military intelligence. We are excited to continue working with them to develop innovative technologies and analytical capabilities for the aviation space.”

Hyperion is an immediate and substantial force multiplier for the DOD to leverage, shifting the Common Operational Picture of current risks to one that is a forecast of the future. In near real-time, Hyperion’s AI engine continually analyzes streaming publicly available information across the globe, identifies anomalies in activity levels, assesses stability and forecast future risk to stability for every country, over 1,100 cities and over 8,000 regions covering the entire globe.

Source: Geospark Analytics