General Dynamics releases GEM One R1.1

On August 9, Fairfax, VA-based General Dynamics Mission Systems announced that it has released GEM One R1.1, an enterprise-level remote encryptor manager, that will allow customers to visualize and manage a network of dispersed encryption devices across the enterprise from anywhere in the network, monitoring its health, status and connectivity.

This release centers on improving visualization and usability through network topology, and dashboard and human factors design. It also allows users to quickly and easily recognize critical device status, and decrease reaction time and decision cycles. The R1.1 release further expands the robust feature set, usability and devices supported by GEM One.

GEM One R1.1 enhancements include:

  • Support for the Sectéra vIPer Universal Secure Phone, easing configuration, deployment and lifecycle management of a dispersed network of vIPer phones.
  • GEM X-Porter simplifies and streamlines the upgrade from GEM X to GEM One by extracting and porting GEM X data into GEM One.
  • Plug-in Management provides easier, timely management of new TACLANE and vIPer encryption devices or software releases. It also eliminates the need to update GEM software when updating End Cryptographic Unit (ECU) product software.
  • Device License Management eases administration of optional software, and allows for viewing, allocating and revoking Agile Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) and TACLANE Trusted Sensor Software licenses.
  • Integrates TACLANE Trusted Sensor Software Manager to ease rule compilation, management and deployment, as well as improved alerts.

Source: General Dynamics