Frequency Electronics, Inc. announces development and production orders for EW technologies

Frequency Electronics Inc. of Mitchel Field, NY announced on February 14 that its wholly owned subsidiary FEI-Elcom Tech, Inc., has received product development and production orders with a combined potential future value of $75M for off-the-shelf and custom receivers, converters and synthesizers. Initial shipments of 40 GHz receivers occurred in Q4 of 2017. End users span a broad mix of US and overseas customers. Applications for the products include advanced electronic warfare (EW) and intelligence collection systems for ground based, maritime and airborne platforms.

The company’s portfolio of microwave and RF-DSP technologies provide fast switching phase-coherent synthesizers, low phase noise converters and receivers with strong signal fidelity, the company said. In addition to performance, these products offer size, weight, and power advantages. The FlexGen architecture implementation allows for cost effective adaption to various IF’s and bandwidths. FEI’s low G-sensitive/low phase noise technologies and short term stability offers industry best performance for radar, EW and other RF applications, according to the company.

“We are pleased to see our significant investments EW and SIGINT technologies bearing fruit in the form of innovative, high performance and cost effective solutions to our customers and ultimately to the war fighters on the front lines,” said Jim Davis, president of FEI-Elcom Tech.

Source: FEI