Forecast Intelligence lands sole source order from National Ground Intelligence Center

Forecast InternationalThe National Ground Intelligence Center has decided to award a sole source contract to Forecast International, a company based in Newtown, CT that publishes detailed market intelligence reports about weapon systems and hundreds of countries’ defense programs.

“Access to Forecast International’s Market Intelligence services will give both the Center’s Systems and GMI analysts access to 5, 10 & 15 year forecast reports dealing with worldwide military systems program development milestones and significant changes; production outlooks; key historical and anticipated timetables of equipment development programs; technical performance and pricing data; detailed descriptions of system variants and upgrades for all types of military vehicles, weapon systems and equipment,” explained the Center’s notice, which was published on May 15.

The notice points out that Forecast International provides access to more than 150 country forecasts and more than 250 military systems forecasts “at slightly more than the cost of only 2 or 3 similar reports from other sources.”

The National Ground Intelligence Center intends to issue a firm fixed price purchase order to Forecast International for access to the firm’s databases.

Further information is available from Janet Lamb at 434-980-7333.