Army looking for vendor to provide support services to its ‘Persistent Surveillance’ efforts

Persistent surveillance  by U.S. Army
Persistent surveillance
by U.S. Army

The U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command (RDECOM) and the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) have issued a presolicitation notice explaining that the Army plans to issue a formal solicitation in July 2014 that would look for a vendor to provide support services for the Army’s “Persistent Surveillance” platforms and data collection efforts.

The chosen contractor will provide operational, program management, technical, engineering, integration and product support services for a period of five years, says the notice, which was released on May 15.

“These technologies form a holistic approach to locating terrorist networks through Persistent Surveillance, Open Source Intelligence, and the identification and localization of weapons of mass destruction systems, as well as Improvised Explosive Devices (IED),” explained the Army notice. “Technologies include sensors, cloud computing, multi-source data fusion, munitions detection systems, Signal Processing Tools and concepts, Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination (PED) tool automation capabilities, and Counter Improvise Explosive Devices (CIED) technologies/systems in asymmetric, counter-terrorism, and counter-insurgency warfare scenarios. These technologies will convert sensor data and intelligence data to actionable intelligence and enable the local commander to make informed real-time decisions based on all available intelligence.”

The notice provided the following timetable: release of draft solicitation on June 20; release of formal solicitation on July 7; responses required by July 28.

Further information is available from Fatimata Diallo at 301-394-5501.