Figure Eight Federal partners with Latent AI

On January 12, Figure Eight Federal (F8F), Appen’s FOCI-mitigated arm specializing in data enrichment for defense and intelligence applications, announced a strategic partnership with Latent AI, a leader in efficient DevOps for ML (Machine Learning) at the edge. This collaboration is set to transform government sectors by enhancing the entire ML lifecycle, from optimized SME-driven data labeling to delivery at scale of lightweight, ultra-efficient, and adaptive models.

Low quality data and a lack of processes designed specifically for edge AI can unnecessarily delay and even ruin projects. Latent AI helps build scalable, repeatable, and trusted DevOps for ML processes that deliver 10x model compression and a 2-6x speed increase with only a negligible accuracy loss.

When combined with the Figure Eight Federal platform, which drives up to 100x efficiency over manual labeling and delivers a 20x gain in efficiency through data workflow optimization and labeling orchestration, the partnership heralds a new era in AI model deployment and adaptive optimization.

“Our partnership with Latent AI is a significant development in our mission to empower government SMEs to optimize models at the edge,” said Tim Klawa, F8F’s head of product. “By integrating our data labeling platform with Latent AI’s DevOps for ML solution, we are enhancing the continuity and adaptability of AI models for warfighters at the edge.”

F8F’s platform adds comprehensive data lineage to the data labeling pipelines, providing robust versioning and governance to the data enrichment process and complex ontologies. All labeled data contains full auditability into who labeled it and the trust associated with that label. This level of governance ensures full transparency and auditability in the data labeling process, a critical aspect of developing trustworthy AI systems.

Complementing F8F’s capabilities, Latent AI’s DevOps solution adds additional value by mapping model attributes, versioning, and characteristics to the data lineage, thereby offering end-to-end transparency. This joint approach facilitates the development of AI that is not only reliable but also enables accountability and auditability, crucial for government agencies seeking trustworthy and responsible AI.

“Through this strategic alliance, we aim to empower government agencies with the most advanced AI and machine learning technologies at the edge available. By combining efficient data labeling with faster training, prototyping, and deployment, we can forge a path toward AI solutions that not only overcome current data, security, and scalability hurdles, but also lay a solid foundation for the future of trusted AI development and implementation,” said Scott Ostrowski, vice president of federal at Latent AI.

Figure Eight Federal’s platform supports a variety of critical data types for defense and intelligence applications, including: Electro-Optical (EO) Imagery, Full Motion Video, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), Multi-spectral/Hyper-spectral Imagery, Radio Frequency (RF) Spectrum, 3rd Generation Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR). The platform also facilitates plug-and-play model interoperability for computer vision and large language models, crucial for reinforcement learning with human feedback from integrated SMEs and model tuning in dynamic operational environments.

F8F’s technology, emphasizing increased resiliency as a key operational value, synergizes with Latent AI to foster a streamlined multi-node DevOps environment, vital for forward-deployed operations. “This collaboration moves us toward our vision of uninterrupted access and optimization of models at the edge during future potential cyber and kinetic combat attrition,” said Vinay Malkani, president of F8F.

Source: Figure Eight Federal

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