Expert System USA launches Analysts’ Workspace

Expert System 112Expert System USA, based in Alexandria, VA released on March 17 Analysts’ Workspace, a new solution that replicates and enhances the analyst’s or investigator’s problem solving approach while affording managers better visibility into and interaction with the end-to-end analytic process.

The availability of data with potential value to analysts, investigators, or decision makers continues to increase significantly in terms of volume, velocity, and variety.  Expert System applies its sophisticated and mature Cogito semantic engine to find, assimilate, categorize, and assess textual data rapidly and precisely, providing Analysts’ Workspace a “smart ingest” capability that mirrors the analyst’s cognitive process.  This “high-performance data” is captured in a flexible task management system where it can be rapidly exploited and transformed into knowledge using a wide variety of analytic tools.

“Intelligence and security analysts are the Nation’s first line of defense. I am convinced that Analysts’ Workspace provides them a significant advantage by enriching the ability to extract value and meaning from large data sets and harnessing the power of collective problem-solving,” said Dr. Alan Calegari, president & chief executive officer of Expert System USA, Inc. “Our semantic approach to sense-making in a big data world is a difference maker.”

Analysts’ Workspace features comprehensive enterprise search and case management software integrated with a customizable semantic engine. It incorporates a sophisticated and efficient workflow process that enables team-wide collaboration and rapid information sharing. The product includes an intuitive dashboard allowing analysts to monitor, navigate, and access information using different taxonomies, maps, and worldviews, as well as intelligent workflow features specifically designed to proactively support analysts and investigators in the different phases of their activities.

Source: Expert System USA