Exovera announces expanded exoINSIGHT capabilities

On May 1, Vienna, VA-based Exovera, a technology and open-source data provider, announced it will unveil advanced updates to its AI-enabled analytical platform, exoINSIGHT, at Special Operations Forces (SOF) Week 2024. New capabilities will arm government and commercial users with a larger volume of curated data holdings from key geopolitical areas, enhancing their strategic advantage in critical technology, supply chain, and research domains.

With the addition of up to one million new records daily, exoINSIGHT will provide customers with access to a broader range of information aimed at identifying opportunities and risks. Additionally, the integration of powerful generative artificial intelligence will enable users to intuitively parse data and extract insights from Exovera’s vast data holdings. An upgraded unified search capability will allow more efficient and effective exploration of multiple unique datasets within the platform.

“exoINSIGHT users can now access a larger pool of high-value data to identify patterns that previously might not have been evident,” said Exovera CEO Bob Sogegian. “Our customers gain a competitive edge, enhance operational efficiency, and mitigate potential risks through the platform’s advanced capabilities, unlocking a wealth of new intelligence.”

Source: Exovera

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