Engility unveils mission-critical AI platform

On October 9, Engility Holdings, Inc. of Chantilly, VA released its Synthetic Analyst, a groundbreaking artificial intelligence solution. Powered by innovations in scalable computing, computational linguistics and deep learning, SA works seamlessly to provide customers with the edge necessary to communicate, engage and respond in “can’t fail” missions regardless of size, scale and sophistication.

“Synthetic Analyst improves mission effectiveness by augmenting, automating and accelerating their ability to access and leverage the data they need in real-time,” said Lynn Dugle, Engility CEO.

Engility designed Synthetic Analyst to expedite decision-making across the full spectrum of military and federal civilian operations, including threat detection and analysis, course of action planning, training support and headquarters operations. The platform improves as it performs, using machine learning to optimize its speed and effectiveness. Real-time, multi-layered responses are tailored to a user’s specific situational knowledge needs, mission objectives and operational experience and conditions.

“It can take years to train each human analyst, but once you have trained Synthetic Analyst, it never forgets,” added Dugle. “Every user benefits from everything Synthetic Analyst has learned.”

Synthetic Analyst’s open and adaptive design allows it to be implemented on any host infrastructure, from smartphones to supercomputers. Its flexible interface options can be tailored to users’ needs, letting them talk to Synthetic Analyst in whichever method works most efficiently for their missions.

Source: Engility