Elecnor Deimos publishes first images of its DEIMOS-2 satellite

Elecnor's DEIMOS-2
Elecnor’s DEIMOS-2

DEIMOS-2, Spain’s first ultra-high resolution satellite, launched into orbit on June 19, has started capturing its first images just 12 hours after it was brought on line.

DEIMOS-2, which was launched from the launch site at Yasny, Russia, was developed by Elecnor Deimos in a record time of just three years. The company built an innovative Satellite Integration and Operations Centre in Puertollano, Spain, to assemble and subsequently control DEIMOS-2.

As a result, this project completes Elecnor Deimos’ presence in the entire value chain for space missions. Elecnor Deimos has the capability to manage entire space programs: design, integrate, validate, launch and operate Earth observation satellites; use them for commercial purposes and develop them for third parties.

The first images taken by the satellite are of San Francisco and of Doha, Qatar’s capital city, showing its avenues and the development that will be built there for the 2022 World Cup. Some of these images are attached and show the ultra-high quality and definition offered.

Over the next seven years, DEIMOS-2 will take shots down to a resolution of 75 cm, and is capable of capturing images of 150,000 Km2/day in the RGB; NIR and panchromatic bands. Images will be taken at the request of customers for use in intelligence, defense, border control, agriculture, the environment, climate change, crisis control and emergencies, fires and floods and civil protection.

To see a video of the DEIMOS-2 satellite, click here.