Elbit Systems of America begins testing its WideBridge solution for mission-critical secure broadband with DHS

Elbit Systems The U.S. Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate awarded a contract to Elbit Systems of America, LLC to deliver a technology demonstration for a mission critical secure broadband services solution for first responders and public safety users.

This demonstration will include the WideBridge, an innovative solution that integrates mission critical capabilities with FIPS certified BlackBerry BES10 secure workspace and Etherstack’s P.25 networks interoperability proven capabilities. The solution was developed at Elbit Systems Land and C4I division with the objective of delivering the most advanced interoperable broadband communication services using FirstNet and commercial LTE networks suitable for federal, state and local public safety agencies nationwide.

WideBridge enables any-to-any secure, interoperable, multimedia services with seamless connectivity between various commercial broadband cellular networks, FirstNet LTE Band 14 and the existing P.25 Land Mobile Radio (LMR) infrastructure.

Mission critical services supported by WideBridge include Push-to-Talk (PTT), Push-to-View (PTV), voice and video conferencing, video streaming from agents and video sensors in the network, map activated multimedia services, situational awareness information dissemination (command & control), P.25 interoperability, and a revolutionary off-network “Direct Mode” broadband connectivity using self-forming ad-hoc mesh network for local mission teams.

DHS intends to use this solution for testing the new concept of accessing secure multimedia services for public safety users through LTE broadband network. As of September 2014, WideBridge system tests have begun at the Public Safety Communications Research Lab in Boulder, CO. After successful demonstration, these tests will be followed by field testing of the system in early 2015.

Raanan Horowitz, Elbit Systems of America president and chief executive officer stated, “Ongoing efforts to establish important interoperable broadband solutions for the FirstNet LTE infrastructure is a high priority at Elbit Systems. These solutions will provide the nation’s first responders and tactical forces with the use of secure mobile homeland security solutions now and in the future.”