Eastwind Breach Detection alerts government agencies and enterprises to threats inside their networks

EastwindSalt Lake City, UT-based Eastwind Breach Detection announced on December 16 the launch of its security platform, a hybrid network breach detection system designed specifically to meet the needs of government agencies and enterprise IT security teams. Powered by the Eastwind Cloud™ or available in the customer’s private cloud, the Eastwind platform uses rich data, behavioral analytics, and threat intelligence to pinpoint anomalous behaviors even before they’re classified as breaches.

“Government and enterprise IT professionals today fight a complicated battle,” said Paul Kraus, CEO and founder of Eastwind Breach Detection. “Between API-driven apps, distributed work teams, and a global army of hackers that never sleeps, black hats constantly find new and creative ways to break into networks. Eastwind arms security teams with an intelligent defense: a way to reliably detect hackers in the network before they act.”

Founded by a team of network security and cloud computing veterans and named a 2016 Dell Founders 50 member, Eastwind was designed to catch hackers during the weeks and months that they spend in the network—before they take action. Storing and mining more than a year’s worth of rich network metadata, Eastwind surpasses the competition by examining not only current network conditions, but continually analyzing historical data against updated threat sources to find breaches that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Eastwind Breach Detection will introduce the following key features across its security solution:

No Red Herrings: Alerts only on real breaches, enabling immediate action to protect valuable data. A customizable set of dashboards display suspicious activity, such as pings by known malicious IPs, while a brief weekly summary of activity and network health saves users the time needed to compile the big picture themselves.

Active Historical Analysis: Thirteen months of data collected from 1,500 network-based applications and 20 threat intelligence sources are continually examined by Eastwind. A combination of natural language search and automated queries of behaviors and patterns enables the detection of breaches.

Natural Language Search: Quickly search for content around events, stitching together the forensics behind multi-pronged attacks that use a combination of apps to breach networks. Rich context easily separates benign anomalous behavior from the malignant.

Customizable: Deploy Eastwind Breach Detection Cloud on private clouds with custom data enrichments, lookup rules, and custom application scanning. Monitor network activity for other purposes, such as acceptable use policy enforcement and compliance.

Identify Data Exfiltration: Detect potential exfiltration of stolen data, including credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, personally identifiable information, and more. Empower incident responders to rapidly investigate the root cause and material impact of breaches.

Smart Alerts: Circumvent false positives and deliver actionable real-time alerts through web-based dashboards and smartphone alerts.

Mobile App: Provides actionable alerts and deep insights into potential threats.

Gregg Frohman, VP of Business Development, points out, “Protecting the perimeter remains critical to a defense-in-depth strategy. However, we read daily how these solutions alone are getting thwarted by ever-changing tactics. Pre-breach prevention and post-breach detection go hand-in-hand, and we are partnering with a growing number of end-point protection providers to increase each other’s overall effectiveness.”

Source: Eastwind Breach Detection