DTRA plans to undertake radiation dose assessments for nuclear test participants

Defense Threat Reduction Agency In order to assess the radiation doses that certain nuclear test participants have been exposed to, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) plans to gather information on “Nuclear Test Questionnaires” from approximately 370 civilian and veteran respondents.

“The DTRA radiation dose assessments are provided to the Department of Veterans Affairs in support of veteran radiogenic disease compensation claims,” explains a notice published by the agency in the Federal Register on March 13. “This information may also be used in approved veteran epidemiology studies that study the health impact of nuclear tests on U.S. veterans.”

The public is invited to comment by May 12 on this proposed information collection initiative.

The notice estimates that it will take each respondent an average of 75 minutes to complete three separate forms.

Further information about this initiative is available from DTRA personnel at 703-767-3175.