DOD surveying small biz COVID-19 challenges

The Defense Department’s Office of Acquisition and Sustainment wants to know what challenges small-business contractors are facing in response to the COVID-19 crisis. A five-minute survey from the National Defense Industrial Association will gather their initial impacts and concerns for DoD officials by Friday, March 27, the Arlington, VA-based association announced March 24.

Of the more than 300,000 businesses that work with the Defense Department, a vast majority is small business. Of the 1,700 companies with NDIA membership, about 70% is small business.

All information from the survey will remain confidential and anonymous; no comments will have individual attribution. Participation is voluntary, and respondents don’t need to answer any or all of the questions posed.

“We greatly appreciate the time small businesses will take to complete this survey,” said Corbin Evans, principal director of strategic programs at NDIA, who is managing the survey. “The time they spend doing this survey will help themselves, fellow small-businesses and the Defense Department respond and ensure a healthy industrial base when this crisis ends.”

Source: NDIA