DLT Solutions launches DLT AnalyticsStack

On August 8, DLT Solutions, based in Herndon, VA, launched the DLT AnalyticsStack, a big data, analytics and data science framework that addresses the public sector’s rapidly evolving big data requirements and use cases. Rather than piecemealing products, DLT’s framework and ‘building-block’ model allows government customers to quickly identify how vendors fit into their big data strategy.  This approach will help agencies quickly architect, procure and adopt enterprise analytics capabilities ranging from big data infrastructure to business intelligence and visualization to advanced analytics and data science capabilities, the company said.

“Today, government agencies are faced with new mission demands requiring real-time data insight,” said David Rubal, chief technologist for data and analytics and principal data scientist at DLT. “A use case focused, ‘full stack’ analytics reference model helps agencies architect and quickly advance their big data, analytics and data science initiatives. Here, agencies benefit from the foundation and flexibility to address emerging big data and advanced analytics requirements to make faster, more informed decisions.”

While public sector organizations are usually well equipped to collect, create and manage structured data, they are still learning how to deal with the increasing influx of unstructured data sources.  Specifically, organizations struggle with converting structured and unstructured data into meaningful actions and outcomes. The challenge is in harnessing these disparate data sources to create valuable insight resulting in new or improved citizen services, greater situational awareness, and advanced mission capabilities.

“A solutions-oriented stack approach, rather than one-off acquisitions, can facilitate digital transformation and assist agencies with breakthrough discoveries, and realize cost efficiencies,” said Pete Tseronis, former chief technology officer at the U.S. Department of Energy and founder and CEO of Dots and Bridges, LLC. “Moreover, public-private research and development efforts, teamed with next-generation data scientists, will enable mission-driven programs and investments, promote economic growth, and, ultimately, improve the lives of all Americans.”

The DLT AnalyticsStack leverages the solution-oriented, ecosystem integration of the stack vendors which currently includes Alteryx, Amazon Web Services, Data Robot, DataStax, Google, Hortonworks, Informatica, Oracle, and Tableau.

“DLT recognizes the public sectors’ need to create data driven solutions for tough challenges and the public sectors’ need for real time data insights in support of new mission capabilities and outcomes,” said Brian Strosser, president at DLT. “With the new AnalyticsStack strategy, DLT continues to serve its government customers by aligning with top modernization priorities and enabling agencies to realize the full value and transformative nature of big data, analytics and data science.”

Source: DLT