DISA awards Endace contract

The United States’ Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) awarded Endace a contract to provide the agency with always-on packet capture and full history search across all Internet Access Points (IAPs), the Austin, TX-based company announced June 16. The implementation supports DISA analysts in defending national and international security. The contract was awarded to Endace based on the company’s demonstrated ability to provide scalability, integration with existing tools, and global support.

DISA depends on continuous packet capture to defend critical networks and infrastructure, with the need to support hundreds of analysts working to neutralize threats around the clock and across the globe. The EndaceProbe estate modernizes DISA’s legacy packet capture system to provide:

  • Always-on packet capture
  • The scalability to support hundreds of concurrent analysts around the globe
  • Rapid, estate-wide search for real-time and back-in-time forensic data with unprecedented depth of storage; and
  • The ability to seamlessly add increased bandwidth capacity and storage to meet DISA’s future growth requirements.

Tinisha McMillan, DISA Division Chief said, “The Endace team are experts in their field, understood our infrastructure and supporting technologies, and enabled the mission to be completed ahead of schedule. We’ve been able to speed investigations, create global access, and free up analysts that had been tasked with time-consuming maintenance and support of our legacy, in-house system.”

EndaceProbes provide rapid, estate-wide search and data-mining, returning results in minutes rather than hours. This enables DISA analysts to work with team members worldwide to quickly investigate and resolve security incidents. Analysts can access packet data from within their existing security and network tools, enabling seamless workflow integrations with access to full network history. The ability to support and enhance DISA’s existing workflows enables quicker user adoption and simplifies training for new analysts.

Endace CEO Stuart Wilson said, “For more than 20 years, Endace has provided highly capable network and cybersecurity investigation technology for many of the world’s largest system operators. For the DISA contract, Endace worked hard to ensure DISA had the best possible solution for investigating cybersecurity and network issues in their systems using 100% Network Recall. Endace values our Five Eyes partnerships and is honored that DISA has selected us to provide this critical component of its security infrastructure.”

Source: Endace