DIA’s Missile and Space Intelligence Center needs help analyzing offensive missile systems

Chinese offensive missile systems
Chinese offensive
missile systems

The Missile and Space Intelligence Center at Redstone Arsenal in Alabama issued a solicitation on June 6 for a full-and-open competition to identify a vendor that can provide analysis and support for the Center’s ongoing examination of offensive missile systems.

The selected contractor will analyze, simulate, design, measure, test and evaluate missile systems, subsystems, components and technologies, explains the solicitation document which was released by the Virginia Contracting Activity.

“The primary emphasis is to assess the development, physical characteristics, performance, vulnerabilities, and employment of offensive missile systems that have the potential to threaten U.S. interests,” explains the Request for Proposal (RFP).

The analysis of offensive missile systems will include ballistic missile systems, antitank guided missile systems, other missile systems, launchers, sensors and other components.

The data that will be examined by the selected vendor will have been gathered through a variety of means, including communications intelligence (COMINT), human sources intelligence (HUMINT), foreign instrumentation signals (FIS), geospatial intelligence (GEOINT), electronic intelligence (ELINT), measurement and signals intelligence (MASINT), and other sources, the solicitation notes.

Interested vendors are required to submit their proposals by July 21.

Further information is available from Brandon Powell at 256-313-7669 or brandon.powell@misc.dia.mil