DIA seeks inclusive diversity strategy support

On April 14, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) posted a sources sought notice for inclusive diversity strategy and barrier analysis studies. Responses are due by 4:00 p.m. Eastern on April 23.

It is the intent of Virginia Contracting Activity (VACA) to obtain market research for the the Equal Opportunity and Diversity Office (EO) in regards to a potential direct 8a award.

EO is working on two agency-level initiatives: (1) an in-depth Barrier Analysis, and (2) developing an agency-wide Inclusive Diversity Strategy.

Contractor support is required for the EO mission to complete the Inclusive Diversity (ID) Strategy and conduct barrier analysis studies for the agency. Utilizing sound research methodology, these ID studies describe the state of affairs at DIA (e.g., identify whether triggers exist for a certain issue), investigate the root causes for any identified triggers (e.g., conduct root cause and barrier analyses), and make evidence-based recommendations for mitigating identified barriers. The studies function also assists in the development of implementation plans for recommendations and collaborates with agency leaders and stakeholders (e.g., affinity groups, supervisors, etc.) as needed.

The comprehensive barrier analysis looks at nine triggers identified in the Management Directive 715 (MD715). The goal of barrier analysis is to identify the root causes of disparities in equal employment opportunities so that DIA can take action to remedy the policies, procedures, and practices that lead to disparities.

The goal of the Inclusive Diversity Strategy is to create a strategy that establishes operational conditions for the people, processes/policies and technology for mission success. The strategy will also address the unprecedented change, which impact DIA mission and workforce.

Full information is available here.

Source: SAM