DIA posts PAI tools sources sought

On September 29, the Defense Intelligence Agency issued a sources sought notice for a Commercial Tools Portal for Publicly Available Information (PAI) Research. Responses are due by 11:00 a.m. Eastern on October 31.

Publicly Available Information (PAI) is increasingly important for many mission and business functions supporting the department. PAI aids in analysis and decision making. Commercial capabilities exist that provide methods for secure PAI research, curated data streams, and data aggregation/ manipulation features for ad-hoc visualizations. However, the market of commercial capabilities for PAI is rapidly expanding and evolving, making it infeasible to pursue subscriptions to every commercial capability. Since many commercial capabilities are overlapping in features and curated data, it is not necessary to pursue every tool.

To support the department’s research activities across multiple business functions, the Government requires a vendor partner that can facilitate access to commercial PAI research capabilities that provide safe venue for performing research as well as curated data and aggregation/manipulation features for ad-hoc visualizations. End users are expected to be from a broad customer base across the Department and may grow from several hundred to several thousand, so a reliable solution designed for scalability is required. Not all users would have a requirement for all PAI research capabilities. The vendor partner is envisioned to support ongoing market research of commercial PAI research capabilities, acquiring licenses from select commercial PAI research capabilities, provisioning licenses through a portal to manage access, and collecting usage metrics.

Review the DIA PAI sources sought.

Source: SAM

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