DIA extends NMEC LION proposal deadline

On February 9, the Virginia Contracting Activity, on behalf of the Defense Intelligence Agency, posted an update to the National Media Exploitation Center (NMEC) Linguist Intelligence Operations (LION) solicitation (Solicitation Number: HHM402-18-R-0004).

Attached is amendment 0001 to the solicitation to provide responses to submitted questions. Also attached is a revised cost template to replace the original cost template attachment. The proposal due date has been extended to 05 March 2018.

Linguist Intelligence Operations NMEC (LION): provide foreign language support in the form of triage, gists, summaries, translations and transcription of documents and media and related intelligence operations program support, including management of the personnel and related functions. The support is provided primarily in the National Capital Region (NCR). Personnel may be required to provide support in deployed locations at any of the supported theaters of operations, potentially requiring travel to other CONUS or OCONUS locations, including hostile fire zone areas.

The NMEC process includes but is not limited to the receipt, forensic processing, screening/gisting, translation, reporting and archiving of captured, seized or otherwise acquired hard copy or electronic documents and media, and may include preparation for or analysis of such media.

Contractor personnel shall be US citizens. All contractor personnel shall possess a SECRET and/or TS//SCI clearance. At least 40% of the triage team shall be native level English speakers with intelligence or equivalent work experience and be fully functional linguists, scoring 2/2 in reading and listening in a foreign language on the ILR scale. The remainder of triage linguists shall be native-speakers of a foreign language with advance professional or higher proficiency (3+) on the ILR scale. All must have English with general professional proficiency or higher proficiency (3+) on the ILR Scale. All shall be cleared TS/SCI. At least 50% of screeners should have general proficiency plus (3+) or higher in the foreign target language, and at least 20% of screeners should have military intelligence and/or equivalent experience. At least 15% of the screeners will be cleared Top Secret/SCI in the primary and other designated languages by the government. At least 50% of the QC Linguists will be cleared TS/SCI in the primary and other designated languages by the government.

In addition to the minimum scores for proficiency according to role, in order to obtain the appropriate mix, the majority (more than 50%) of linguist positions should qualify at advanced professional proficiency of 3 or higher in writing and/or speaking the target foreign language (s) for comprehension skills of reading and listening.

Full information is available here.

Source: FedBizOpps