DHS accepts Buchanan & Edwards and Innovatrix into Small Business Mentor-Protege program

Arlington, VA-based Buchanan & Edwards Inc. and small-business partner Innovatrix have been accepted into the Department of Homeland Security’s Mentor-Protege program, Buchanan & Edwards announced August 28.

Led by technical program manager and CEO Reita Sikka, Innovatrix specializes in development operations and agile solutions. The consultancy brings an extensive past performance history with the Department of Homeland Security to this collaboration with Buchanan & Edwards. Sikka previously worked as the director of program management and development at Valiant Solutions.

“We are honored to be part of one of the early additions to the DHS Mentor-Protege program and excited to be partnering with Innovatrix,” said Dennis Kelly, president and CEO of Buchanan & Edwards. “Through Ms. Sikka’s extensive past work supporting the CIO office and systems architecture projects at DHS, she has deep knowledge and a tremendous understanding of the department’s IT system challenges and processes. We have great appreciation for small businesses and believe this kind of collaboration is extremely valuable in advancing the best solutions possible for our customers by providing technologies that create greater efficiencies and best support our government’s mission.”

Tony Vanchieri, the Buchanan & Edwards DHS Mentor-Protege manager, was one of the first 87 employees at the newly formed TSA in 2001, and will oversee the program implementation for Buchanan & Edwards.

Source: Buchanan & Edwards