DARPA updates ASIMOV program

On February 9, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) updated the presolicitation notice for the Autonomy Standards and Ideals with Military Operational Values (ASIMOV) program. Responses are due by 4:00 p.m. Eastern on March 28.

The ASIMOV program aims to develop benchmarks to objectively and quantitatively measure the ethical difficulty of future autonomy use-cases and readiness of autonomous systems to perform in those use-cases within the context of military operational values. The rapid development and impending ubiquity of autonomy and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies across both civilian and military applications require a robust and quantitative framework to measure and evaluate not only the technical but, perhaps more importantly, the ethical ability of autonomous systems as they emerge beyond R&D. To that end, ASIMOV will tackle this challenge through the development and demonstration of quantitative autonomy benchmarks. ASIMOV is not developing autonomous systems or algorithms for autonomous systems.

The ASIMOV program intends to create the ethical autonomy lingua franca to enable the Developmental Testing/Operational Testing (DT/OT) community to meaningfully evaluate the ethical difficulty of specific military scenarios and the ability of autonomous systems to perform ethically within those scenarios. ASIMOV performers will need to develop prototype generative modeling environments to rapidly explore scenario iterations, variability, and across a spectrum of increasing ethical difficulties. If successful, ASIMOV will build the foundation for defining the benchmark with which future autonomous systems will be gauged.

Review the ASIMOV notice.

Source: SAM

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