CYREN unveils first mass-scale sandbox service

cyren 112CYREN announced on July 27 the launch of its CYREN Next Generation Sandbox service. The new service is a key element in the industry’s first complete cloud-based global Web and messaging protection framework that McLean, VA-based CYREN will release later this year.

The CYREN Next Generation Sandbox service is unique in its ability to harness the power of automated, multi-layered sandboxing capabilities that rely on global cyber intelligence instead of traditional human analysis or reactive procedures initiated due to customer infection or attack.

The multi-tenant service automates threat analysis on a mass-scale through a vast array of cloud-based sandboxes. It uses proprietary heuristic logic to direct potential threats through multiple sandboxes, changing the item’s reputation score as it progresses. A fully automated process chooses the best environment to analyze malware samples according to extracted features while another process is responsible for ensuring optimal execution of the analysis and redirecting to better suited environments as needed. Once an item is proven to be a threat, the CYREN global cyber intelligence platform is instantaneously updated and CYREN users are proactively protected against that threat.

“Today’s advanced attacks can easily fool traditional sandboxes, allowing the bad guys to consistently break through,” said Lior Kohavi, Chief Technology Officer at CYREN. “The industry needs a wakeup call. One sandbox is not enough anymore, and one type of logic won’t make a difference. What is needed is a completely automated and orchestrated framework that utilizes multiple sandbox capabilities in an adaptive way. This new CYREN service is the next generation of sandboxing.”

He continued, “CYREN has built unique logic to decide what to do with suspicious resources – before the threats contained within can ever affect a single CYREN customer. No other security vendor is able to do this. The CYREN Next Generation Sandbox is a true first for the industry, as it enables the complete automation of a proactive threat discovery and remediation process. This means that CYREN can consistently identify and protect against more new and unknown threats sooner than any other security vendor.”

Source: CYREN