CyberTOOLBELT Launches at Black Hat USA’s Innovation City


CyberToolBeltCyberTOOLBELT, a digital artifact resource, has announced its public launch and beta availability to law enforcement, managed security providers, legal professionals and corporate investigators.

CTB is an on-demand investigator platform that will be featured at Black Hat Las Vegas in the “Innovation City” Business Hall, a designated area for early-stage companies to showcase their products and solutions to Black Hat USA attendees.

Crimes related to computer security breaches, malware, phishing and denial of service are on the rise and so is the backlog of casework. Investigators simply do not have the time and resources to mine this data. CyberTOOLBELT is a comprehensive set of tools designed to make the investigation of domains, IP addresses and other related information as efficient, cost effective and easy to use as possible.

“Tools do not testify, investigators do,” said Tom Brennan of CTB. “With over 2,071,906,376 artifacts and growing daily, the CTB service empowers cyber security investigators to do their jobs better. So far, the response of the cyber intelligence and forensics communities has been extremely positive as CyberTOOLBELT is already assisting with their investigations globally.”