Cybergy partners with FireEye as part of US Government cybersecurity push

PrintCybergy Partners, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cybergy Holdings, Inc. based in Englewood, CO announced on August 31 that its subsidiary Cybergy Labs has been selected as a FireEye Fuel Partner. In conjunction with this partnership, Cybergy will offer its proprietary SmartFile electronic tagging system that allows users to monitor who accesses any tagged file, where, and how often, along with a suite of cybersecurity products associated with FireEye, Inc.’s FireEye Threat Prevention Platform.

The core of the FireEye platform is a virtual execution engine known as the Multi-Vector Virtual Execution (MVX) engine and it is complemented by the cloud-based Dynamic Threat Intelligence (DTI) network. MVX offers real-time analysis of a user’s computer network to find any anomalies associated with today’s new breed of cyber-threats such as insider, unknown, and advanced persistent threats.

With the FireEye DTI cloud, any issues found by the MVX engine are shared in real-time across its global network of nodes with cyber-threat intelligence anonymized to protect customer privacy. FireEye also offers premier incident response and endpoint security services through its member company Mandiant.

Under this agreement, Cybergy Partners’ customers will have easy access to the FireEye suite of products along with the Mandiant incident response investigation services supported by the SmartFile sensor network.

FireEye’s MVX platform dovetails well with Cybergy’s proprietary SmartFile electronic tagging system. SmartFile is a soft digital sensor in the form of a non-executable, invisible document tab that can be added to any digital file (including Word and PDF) that reports back to the document owner whenever a file is opened, viewed, printed, or shared from anywhere in the world. In reporting back in real-time, SmartFile allows the document owner to know of “anomalies” in the form of unknown or unauthorized access to the tagged files.

“We believe that having the best-in-class tools provided by FireEye along with the investigation services of Mandiant strengthen the value case of SmartFile. Using SmartFile as an early warning detection system, our customers have a new tool in their cybersecurity tool chest. SmartFile takes cybersecurity protection to a new level,” said Wyly Wade, Chief Technology Officer of Cybergy Labs and Cybergy Partners.

Cybergy Labs is a technology solutions provider in areas of intellectual property protection, business intelligence, and workflow management, and its parent company, Cybergy Partners, is a national leader in cybersecurity, smart grid, and clean energy technologies and services for governmental and commercial clients. FireEye is a pioneer in the use of virtual machine technology for providing real-time, dynamic threat protection (without the traditional use of signatures that look for known threats). The company presently has over 3,700 customers in 67 countries including 675 of the Forbes Global 2000.

“We’re very excited about this new stage in our cybersecurity development plan. Taken together, FireEye products and services and SmartFile can provide both protection against the more dangerous types of cyber-threats faced by organizations as well as safeguarding their intellectual property,” said Mark Gray, Chairman and CEO of Cybergy.

Source: Cybergy Holdings, Inc.