Cybereason closes series B funding round, enters strategic partnership with Lockheed Martin

Cybereason 112Cybereason of Cambridge, MA announced on May 6 that it closed $25 million in Series B funding, which will be used to expand its Research and Development and Sales and Marketing teams. Spark Capital led the round with participation from existing investor CRV and strategic investor Lockheed Martin.

Additionally, Lockheed Martin, which is already a current Cybereason customer, will integrate the Cybereason Detection and Response Platform into its various cyber security offerings.

“The Cybereason platform is an outstanding complement to the tradecraft and technologies Lockheed Martin uses every day to defend our network and our clients,” said Rich Mahler, Director of Commercial Cyber Services at Lockheed Martin. “Its real-time detection and attack tracing capabilities enable us to effectively leverage threat intelligence and provide our government and commercial customers with a calculated, strategic approach to cyber defense.  That’s why in addition to deploying Cybereason’s platform across more than 120,000 internal endpoints and servers, we also partnered with it and participated in this latest round as a strategic investor.”

By continuously hunting for known and unknown malicious activities within an environment, the Cybereason platform dramatically reduces the time it takes to detect and confirm a breach. It connects isolated pieces of malicious activity, visually presenting the complete ‘attack story’ as it unfolds in real-time.

Through its unique application of big data analytics and machine learning, Cybereason’s Malop Hunting Engine analyzes up to eight million events per second to reveal the key elements of an attack, including its timeline, root cause, adversarial activity, malware involved, communication inside and outside of the environment and the affected endpoints and users.

This information is delivered to security analysts via the Cybereason Incident Response Console, which presents critical contextual data in a simple, accessible way, dramatically streamlining the investigation process and enabling fast, intelligent and informed incident response.

“We like investing in companies where committed founders build a sophisticated product with a beautiful user interface. Cybereason has incredible momentum, impressive technology, an artistic edge, and an expert team that is fundamentally changing the way organizations deal with cyber security,” said Santo Politi, general partner at Spark Capital. “Cybereason believes that a breach is inevitable and that a determined hacker will eventually bypass even the best protection solutions. The platform provides a holistic approach to security from identifying attackers’ activities once they are inside the organization to isolating incidents to business information and continuity.”

“The ongoing parade of mega breaches has made cyber security a top business issue, but detecting attacks on large, complex corporate networks is extremely difficult to do. The Cybereason platform not only automates real time attack detection, it presents the full attack story in a way that security employees and business stakeholders can easily understand and use,” said Lior Div, CEO of Cybereason. “It’s a simple premise, but incredibly hard to do right, let alone well. Our relationship with Lockheed Martin validates we got the technology part right, and the addition of Santo Politi on our board is huge – he’s had phenomenal success growing start-ups into household names, and we plan to be his next triumph.”

Source: Cybereason