Curtiss-Wright’s PacStar wins Viasat contract

On April 19, Ashburn, VA-based Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division announced that its PacStar business has been awarded a contract by Viasat to provide its advanced modular network communications equipment for use in Viasat’s portable Move Out/Jump Off (MOJO) Communications System. Viasat is leveraging the industry-leading PacStar 441 Small Router Module and PacStar 451 Small Server Module to enhance the MOJO system’s overall size, weight and power (SWaP). PacStar products provide the interconnect between the MOJO system’s radio, Link 16 tactical data link (TDL), and data capabilities.

PacStar network equipment will also be used to host other platforms as needed to support customer requirements. As the system integrator, Viasat provides the enhanced MOJO system to support its U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Special Operations community customers. The arrangement, which is valued at $2.2 million, is estimated to grow to more than $5 million over the next five years. Shipments began in Q1 2020 and are scheduled to continue through Q2 2021.

“We are very proud that Viasat has chosen PacStar equipment to enhance the network performance and SWaP envelope of their MOJO communications system,” said Chris Wiltsey, senior vice president and general manager, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions division.

“Our PacStar networking modules are optimized for tactical environments, where they deliver advanced technologies to the edge of the battlefield,” said Peggy J. Miller, Senior General Manager, PacStar. “We look forward to working with Viasat and expanding opportunities for the future.”

“The technology enhancements to Viasat’s expeditionary tactical gateway products are critical as we shift our focus to large-scale combat operations where we expect to fight more sophisticated threats in austere, denied, degraded and disrupted communications environments,” said Andy Kessler, vice president and business area director, Next Generation Tactical Data Links, Viasat.

Source: Curtiss-Wright