Cubic awarded contract to continue readiness training support to USMC Systems Command

Cubic Corporation of San Diego, CA announced on November 2 that its Cubic Global Defense business division received a contract award, valued at $11.5 million, from the U.S. Marine Corps Systems Command (MARCORSYSCOM) to support the Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Training Systems Support (MTSS) effort.

During the six-month period of the contract, Cubic will provide training in Marine warfighting skills; command post exercises; battle staff training; mission rehearsal exercises; command, control, communication and computers (C4) mobile training; in addition to combat simulation ranging from individual to joint and combined staffs training.

“The MTSS program provides the functional and technical training services necessary to plan, prepare and execute the Marine Corps’ individual, unit and staff training events,” said Dave Buss, president of Cubic Global Defense. “As the leader in providing Performance-Based Training solutions focused on the mission readiness of our armed forces, we are excited to be partnered with the Marines once again to assist in improving their warfighting skills.”

MTSS is the premier training program to prepare senior commanders and their staffs to operate across the range of military operations and within the context of Joint and/or Combined Task Force environment for the U.S. Marine Corps.

The program will be managed from Cubic’s Orlando, FL facility.