CSRA enters alliance with ScienceLogic

CSRA Inc. of Falls Church, VA announced on July 27 the formation of a new alliance with ScienceLogic, a leading provider of hybrid IT service assurance solutions. The relationship will allow CSRA to deliver new solutions to agencies complying with requirements under President Trump’s recent Executive Order on cybersecurity.

“We are excited to join forces with ScienceLogic and bring a new set of offerings to our government customers,” said Seth Abrams, CSRA’s chief technology officer for the Homeland Security Group. “Recent cyberattacks underscore the need for constant vigilance and modernizing technology across the government. Our combined offerings, along with our ‘as a service’ model, will help agencies across the government be agile and secure in a cost-effective way.”

“ScienceLogic is proud to be the backbone of CSRA’s advanced service assurance solution and a key player in their effort to better secure government IT infrastructure,” said ScienceLogic CEO Dave Link. “As the first and only service assurance platform approved by the UC APL, we’ve continued to meet the government’s strict standards for security compliance.”

IT infrastructure requires comprehensive reporting and visibility into which IT devices are compliant and properly patched from a security perspective. To help strengthen existing platforms, CSRA has partnered with ScienceLogic to deliver their platform to federal customers. It will provide them with significantly improved visibility of their entire IT infrastructure and use predictive analytics to curb performance issues before impacting federal networks. CSRA has deployed similar enhanced monitoring services for the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Homeland Security.

Source: CSRA