Contrast Security announces strategic partnership and development agreement with In-Q-Tel

Contrast Security  of Los Altos, CA announced on September 6 a strategic partnership agreement with In-Q-Tel (IQT). IQT is the not-for-profit strategic investor that identifies and accelerates the development and delivery of innovative technology solutions to support the mission of the U.S. government agencies that keep our nation safe.

The endorsement from IQT is a milestone for Contrast Security’s continued development and growth, providing unparalleled opportunities for Contrast to address the critical security requirements of the U.S. government and help agencies better protect themselves against digital threats. A recent report by the White House Office of Management and Budget found that of the 96 federal agencies examined, 59 agencies had “at risk” cybersecurity programs, meaning some of the right policies were in place but there were “significant gaps” in terms of security.

“Contrast Security’s strategic partnership with In-Q-Tel will help secure U.S. government agencies from cyberattacks,” said Alan Naumann, chairman and CEO of Contrast Security. “In-Q-Tel has a long history of advocating for the most innovative technologies. Together we can advance a mutual goal of ensuring that government software applications are continuously and securely protected from cybercriminals. We are proud that our partnership will support efforts to better protect and preserve U.S. security.”

“Legacy based software assurance tools have not kept up with the demands and scalability of government agencies,” said Brian Smith, partner, investments at IQT. “Contrast Security has transformed software assurance testing and protection with an automated approach ideal for cloud, Agile, and DevOps. We believe this will be a great step forward in helping keep government entities and commercial markets secure.”

“We are delighted to be part of the In-Q-Tel portfolio of innovative technologies,” said Jeff Williams, CTO of Contrast Security. “Our partnership will help secure software at the heart of some of the world’s largest civilian and military organizations. We stand ready to help government agencies tackle application security quickly and effectively at any scale.”

Source: Contrast Security