comScore acquires MdotLabs to grow its non-human traffic detection technology

Serge Matta
Serge Matta

comScore announced on August 4 that it has acquired MdotLabs to augment its non-human traffic (NHT) detection methods used in the Media Metrix and validated Campaign Essentials (vCE) product suites.

MdotLabs uses cyber-security methodologies, such as signal processing, statistics, machine learning and applied math, to identify a variety of malicious activities including bots, click farms, pay-per-view networks and a growing list of traffic generation techniques.

Integrated with comScore’s existing NHT detection methods, the combined technology provides a sophisticated, multi-layered approach to the identification and eradication of NHT in the measurement of digital audiences and advertising. This allows for the reporting of a human-based GRP metric that minimizes the effects of NHT, enabling more precise media planning, buying and evaluation. The entire MdotLabs team, including co-founders Dr. Paul Barford and Timur Yarnall, will join comScore as part of the acquisition.

“We are excited to welcome the MdotLabs team to comScore,” said Serge Matta, president and CEO of comScore. “The outstanding team of engineers and data scientists at MdotLabs has been at the forefront of developing the highly sophisticated techniques for identifying and rooting out the waste associated with non-human traffic, which can often run in excess of 50 percent on a given campaign. We believe that the combination of Mdot’s technology with our existing NHT detection methods will deliver a significant advancement in addressing this important issue, providing even greater transparency and more accurate metrics around campaign performance.”

“The MdotLabs team is thrilled to join comScore as we look to scale the value of our non-human traffic detection methods to a much greater footprint of clients,” said Timur Yarnall, CEO and co-founder of MdotLabs. “comScore sits at the center of the digital media buying and selling communities, and we believe our technology can play a big role in helping both sides mitigate the deleterious effects of NHT and bring confidence to those investing in digital.”