Clone Guard OneView improves security management

OneView by Clone Guard
OneView by
Clone Guard

To help customers optimize their security management, Clone Guard has enhanced its CG-OneView solution. OneView now handles tens of thousands of managed security appliances and more than a billion events. It can collect data from any of the following to help better manage security:

( 1 )   SIEM appliances, log concentrators (Big Data);

( 2 )   Firewalls, IDS/IPS systems, UTM, WAF;

( 3 )   Custom applications, databases;

( 4 )   Endpoints, File Integrity Monitoring (FIM);

( 5 )   Tablets, smart devices, and other network devices.

OneView acts as a one-stop-shop for security management. It allows the SOC team to collect data from all security systems (clone and third-party) and view the data in one place. But OneView does more than just collect data. It can also:

  • Gather data from a variety of sources, including vulnerabilities, assets, geographical IPs, malicious hosts and users. This data ensures OneView can detect more threats and eliminate false positives.
  • Leverage intelligence from thousands of clients. The SOC team uses OneView to analyze information from all clients, collect more data on threats, and eliminate attacks faster than internal security teams can. By analyzing data from all clients, Clone Guard can ensure it knows about new threats first and can enhance system security before the threat even has a chance to reach other clients.
  • Provide report templates that can be customized for industry or compliance standards.
  • Monitor the health of the network and proactively send notifications when the network needs maintenance.
  • Customize views and dashboards to ensure that OneView is always providing the most relevant information.

OneView makes it easy to monitor security solutions in one central location.