CIA debuts 61-page publication about its 23 current and past directors

CIA - Profiles in LeadershipThe Central Intelligence Agency’s office of public affairs has just released its latest publication, Profiles in Leadership: Directors of the Central Intelligence Agency & Its Predecessors, a 61-page digital presentation of the background and CIA career highlights of the agency’s 23 leaders.

John Brennan, who took over as the CIA’s current director on March 8, 2013, wrote an introduction to the publication.

“The men who have held the highest office in the Central Intelligence Agency are an eclectic group,” wrote Brennan. “They include two Rhodes Scholars and a college dropout, captains of industry and career public servants, Agency veterans and newcomers to the field of intelligence. More than 65 years after the Agency was founded, there is still no established road to the top.”

“This unclassified publication offers a high-level overview of CIA’s history by featuring the 23 leaders who directed the CIA and its forerunners from 1941 to 2012,” said the CIA on its own Web site. “By the end of the publication, readers have a deeper knowledge of the Agency’s history and a greater understanding of how successes and failures during each director’s tenure help shape the intelligence that informs policy today.”