CertainSafe partners with MicroTech to bring MicroEncryption data security to private-hybrid cloud

CertainSafe 112CertainSafe, a Colorado Springs, CO-based data security firm, announced on March 30 a partnership with MicroTech, an international technology provider and prime government contractor. CertainSafe will integrate their proprietary MicroTokenization and MicroEncrypted architecture within MicroTech’s private hybrid MicroKloud.

With the partnership, MicroTech will now be providing the strongest and most robust level of data security available to more than 100 ongoing federal projects and civilian clients, including the Department of Defense as well as several Fortune 500 companies.  MicroTech is recognized as a top technology innovator, showcasing a 5000% revenue growth since its launch in 2004.

MicroTech’s flagship product, MicroKloud, is a premier solution that enables an on premise private-hybrid cloud in one compact, cost effective package. Built as a self-contained, secure, standardized and proven infrastructure the MicroKloud is pre-integrated, tested, and validated. Its design allows quick and easy deployment. MicroKloud increases the stability and availability of IT operations, providing simple yet safe access and transition to the cloud. The combined MicroKloud/CertainSafe platform makes moving and protecting both non-sensitive as well as ultra-sensitive data to the cloud a standard best business practice.

CertainSafe deploys its proprietary MicroEncryption technology almost simultaneously with the use of its MicroTokenization protocols which encrypts each file individually down to the byte level, something no other file sharing service can provide. CertainSafe offers the only file sharing platform which is PCI Level 1 DSS Certified. Users can store HIPAA, PCI, PFI, PHI, PII as well as other types of sensitive data that require compliance in addition to the highest levels of data protection.

“We could not be more excited about this new partnership,” said Tony Jimenez, CEO of MicroTech. “The unification of MicroTech, with its multi-faceted IT managed services capabilities and Secure Cloud Systems, the leading provider in data security protection, forges a powerful combination. These combined innovative companies and their specialized services will offer an unheralded capability within the IT managed services ranks.”

“MicroTech, with its diverse cloud services offering, is a great complementary fit with CertainSafe. Our innovative data security components will undoubtedly bring a world-class level of expertise, offering both clients and prospects newfound capabilities in any vertical they compete in,” says Kent Nies, Chief Business Officer of CertainSafe.  “The marketplace is calling for an on or off-premise solution, and data security has become the necessary added ingredient – and is of paramount importance now and in the future. This partnership will provide the solution: to reduce cost and mitigate risk in the areas of IT infrastructure, support and data security.”

SOURCE CertainSafe