Centripetal Networks integrates ThreatIQ threat intelligence into its network defense solutions

Julian Waits Sr.
Julian Waits Sr.

ThreatTrack Security, a provider of cyber threat prevention solutions that substantially change how organizations respond to cyber-attacks, announced on Nov. 4 an OEM agreement with Centripetal Networks Inc., a cyber-security solutions provider specializing in Real-Time Active Network Defense.

Centripetal Networks will enhance its RuleGate real-time attack visualization and analytics appliance with ThreatTrack Security’s industry-leading threat intelligence solution ThreatIQ.

ThreatIQ is a cloud-based service that delivers a continuous stream of valuable security intelligence, including malicious URLs and IP addresses, suspected malicious files, phishing links and other malware data processed by ThreatTrack Security Labs. ThreatTrack Security’s global threat analysis infrastructure processes as many as one million potential threats every day. In addition to helping enterprises and government agencies strengthen their defenses against emerging threats, ThreatIQ is a cost-effective way for security vendors to bolster their cyber-defense solutions to better defend their customers.

“ThreatIQ is the industry’s richest threat intelligence service, and it is becoming an indispensable layer of defense for security vendors serious about enhancing their cybersecurity solutions,” said Julian Waits, Sr., president and CEO of ThreatTrack Security. “ThreatIQ provides emerging security companies like Centripetal Networks the ability to harden their solutions against today’s most advanced cyber threats and quickly bring a solution to market that enables them to capitalize on the rising demand for real-time threat intelligence.”

“Our RuleGate appliance operationalizes threat intelligence into the heart of enterprise Security Operations Centers,” said Steven Rogers, founder and CEO of Centripetal Networks. “The addition of ThreatIQ into RuleGate significantly expands the wealth of security data we can provide our customers to protect them from malicious threats as they emerge. We partnered with ThreatTrack Security because they make it easy and cost effective for security companies like us to integrate their solutions into our own, strengthening our products and providing more value to our customers.”