CACI to acquire SA Photonics

On November 3, Reston, VA-based CACI International Inc announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire Los Gatos, CA-based SA Photonics, Inc., a leader in the development and deployment of innovative multi-domain photonics technologies for free space optical (FSO) communications.

With the acquisition of SA Photonics, CACI broadens its capabilities as the leading U.S.-based FSO laser communications provider supporting space, airborne, and terrestrial missions to U.S. government and commercial customers. SA Photonics’ owned IP technology offers low size, weight, power, and cost (SWAP-C) solutions that transmit data 25 times faster than current radio frequency systems, while using payloads that are half the size.

SA Photonics’ high-volume low-earth-orbit (LEO) optical inter satellite links (OISL) technology complements CACI’s FSO technology optimized for medium-earth-orbit (MEO) and geosynchronous-equatorial-orbit (GEO) orbits. CACI’s photonics-based capabilities enable terrestrial communications at higher-bandwidths and with a lower probability of detection or defeat.

Through this acquisition, CACI also significantly increases development and manufacturing capacity within the United States by expanding its modern photonics production facilities in California, Florida, and New Jersey. Together, CACI and SA Photonics offer technology that advances next-generation communications from space to airborne and ground platforms at scale.

John Mengucci, CACI president and chief executive officer, said, “For two decades, CACI has successfully delivered FSO communications to advance evolutionary technology for the protection and exploration of the contested space domain. Our innovative space-based photonics technology delivers enhanced capability for missions ranging from national security to human spaceflight. With SA Photonics, our combined technology enables us to deliver immediate FSO communications across all-domains.”

Jim Coward, chief executive officer of SA Photonics, said, “It is great to see that the years of hard work to develop and mature a very innovative and highly manufacturable FSO approach to address the high volume needs of space, now and into the future, continues with a great company like CACI.”

SA Photonics’ total purchase consideration is $275 million. CACI expects to close the transaction by the end of the calendar year pending customary regulatory reviews and will provide additional financial information post-close as part of its fiscal second quarter earnings release and call.

Source: CACI

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