C6 Intelligence Group partners with GBGroup to provide unique global PEPs, sanctions and adverse media intelligence data

?????C6 Intelligence Group of Basingstoke, England, the leading independent data intelligence provider, announced on January 8 that it has signed a new long term partnership agreement with GBGroup Plc, the global leader in Identity Intelligence, to provide Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and international sanctions data as part of their ID3global ID Verification solution.

As a result of this channel partnership agreement GBGroup and its clients will now have access to search C6 Intelligence’s unique and comprehensive database of over 4 million profiles on high risk individuals and organisations. This exclusive database also includes information on over 1 million PEPs, including adverse media articles, which have been collected using human intelligence over a period of ten years.

The C6 database is an extremely valuable source of information for financial institutions and any organisation needing to complete due diligence on new or existing clients and employees, many of its stored articles are no longer available anywhere else on the web.

In addition to data search capabilities C6 Intelligence will also provide GBGroup with ongoing monitoring services to complement their ID3global product which is specifically designed to counter ID fraud, money laundering and financial crime.

GBGroup chose data intelligence provider C6 Intelligence based on their aligned strategy to provide the market with a complete Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Employee (KYE) solution based on quality, trusted and verifiable data collected using human expertise from 240 countries across the world.

John Lord, Managing Director, GBGroup is quoted as saying “It is our role at GBG to provide our clients with the intelligence they need to make sound business decisions about people. This partnership with C6 further augments the quality of that intelligence by providing access to the most up to date and sophisticated PEPs and sanctions data available.”

Darren Innes CEO of the C6 Group is quoted saying “GBGroup’s selection of C6 reinforces their thought leadership in the Identification and Verification space and is an early indication of this markets desire to stabilise it by having a robust platform for KYC data that reflects the state of the world at any given time.” Innes went on to say, “By choosing C6, GBGroup will be able to grow their business, confident in the knowledge that C6 platform will be able to scale with their growth. GBGroup’s customers will be able to make rapid decisions and make better use of their highly skilled compliance analyst’s data well into the future.”

This new partnership will also mean that GBGroup will be able to provide C6 Intelligence with access into new international markets where sanction and KYC services are becoming increasingly important. High data accuracy and completeness will enable global clients to make fast and informed business decisions based on actionable data, thereby helping to reduce business risk, specifically in situations where sanctions lists are updated daily depending on geo political activity and any adverse media. We are helping our clients to remain informed with current, accurate, actionable data instead of having to wait for delayed quarterly sanctions list updates, which may already be too late.

Source: C6 Intelligence