BlackSky announces New Mexico expansion

On July 8, Herndon, VA-based BlackSky Holdings, Inc. announced it is in the process of establishing a new office space at a facility created by NewSpace New Mexico, a nonprofit organization that promotes New Mexico as a leading state in the space industry. The new office and collaboration space would allow BlackSky to expand its footprint and attract local talent in the Southwest region.

“Elected leaders such as Sen. Martin Heinrich understand the importance of building and fostering partnerships between businesses, government and the academic world to drive innovation,” said Brian E. O’Toole, CEO of BlackSky. “New Mexico’s space industry knowledge and expertise are considerable influences as BlackSky looks to establish a more permanent presence. This new facility would encourage valuable collaboration and enable BlackSky to attract top talent.”

NewSpace New Mexico is a shared environment that brings together industry, academia and the U.S. Air Force to foster innovation, collaboration and thought leadership. The building space includes large open areas and room for meetings and teamwork. Earlier today, BlackSky attended a ceremony where NewSpace New Mexico and Sen. Heinrich announced Unite & Ignite Space, a co-innovation hub to bring together resources, programming, and workspaces to support the growth of New Mexico’s space industry.

“I was proud to help secure the funding for this agreement between the Air Force Research Lab and NewSpace New Mexico that will allow us to build the Unite & Ignite Space, a small satellite co-innovation hub right next to Kirtland Air Force Base,” said Sen. Heinrich. “We have an incredible opportunity to establish New Mexico as the best place in America for space innovation and the new careers that will create. Our local space innovation ecosystem has already built a strong track record by repeatedly setting the standard for how to develop novel space technologies at the speed of relevance. The Unite & Ignite Space and the overall MaxQ campus will allow us to create the right environment for both established companies who are looking to build a presence in New Mexico and for homegrown companies who want to expand and thrive.”

Source: BlackSky