BlackSky announces Geoimage agreement

On December 21, Herndon, VA-based BlackSky announced that it has added geospatial solutions provider Geoimage to its reseller network. Geoimage will leverage BlackSky’s geospatial intelligence and imagery to offer real-time insights to customers across the government sector and oil and gas, mining, exploration, agriculture and maritime industries.

“Our agreement with Geoimage further underscores the value and impact of actionable geospatial intelligence across a range of industries,” said Nick Tabbal, vice president of product and services at BlackSky. “For example, Geoimage customers can automatically receive alerts on real-time anomalies, such as slowdowns in port operations, extract economic indicators from the data that’s been collected and promptly make informed decisions.”

Geoimage has more than 30 years of regional experience as a leading independent specialist in satellite imagery and geospatial solutions and will offer its customers access to BlackSky’s Spectra AI monitoring service. Spectra AI is powered by cutting-edge compute techniques including machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision, and natural language processing.

“Geoimage’s customers rely on real-time geospatial intelligence for actionable insights so that they can achieve greater efficiency and improve outcomes,” said Tony Evans, managing director at Geoimage. “With BlackSky’s daily rapid-revisit imagery and automated feature-extraction capabilities we’re able to meet increased demand for first-to-know intelligence that serves our customers’ goals and objectives.”

Source: BlackSky

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