Bit9 + Carbon Black debuts comprehensive threat intelligence Cloud service

Bit9 + Carbon Black Bit9 + Carbon Black, a leader in endpoint threat prevention, detection and response announced on July 29 a new, unified Threat Intelligence Cloud service that combines attack classification data from leading third-party providers with the Carbon Black Software Reputation Service (SRS) and Advanced Threat Indicators (ATI) to help enterprises avoid the potentially devastating effects of advanced threats and targeted attacks.

The Threat Intelligence Cloud is an integral component of the Bit9 + Carbon Black endpoint security solution, which features “always-on” and continuously-recording sensors that maintain the relationships of every file execution, file modification, registry modification, network connection and executed binary.

The Bit9 Security Platform and Carbon Black automatically correlate their data with threat intelligence from the Threat Intelligence Cloud to detect advanced attacks without relying on signatures, prioritize response in seconds, and prevent advanced attacks using proactive and customizable techniques.

“Bit9 + Carbon Black customers are able to take full advantage of the most comprehensive threat intelligence available on the market,” said Brian Hazzard, vice president of product management for Bit9 + Carbon Black. “With enterprises already in a continuous state of compromise, they need immediate context about the files, network connections, and behaviors they’re investigating to proactively prevent, detect and respond to advanced attacks infiltrating their organization. That is exactly the type of actionable intelligence our Threat Intelligence Cloud delivers.”