to participate in T-REX-24-2

On June 28, Columbia, MD-based announced that it has been invited to battle-test their capabilities in AI orchestration at the edge at the Department of Defense’s (DoD) RDER Technology Readiness Experimentation 2024 event in August.

An exclusive live-fire, full-scale event, DoD’s T-REX-24-2 is an essential demonstration and evaluation event for advanced military technologies. T-REX-24-2 is scheduled for 19 to 29 August as part of the DoD’s Rapid Defense Experimentation Reserve (RDER). At T-REX events, full-scale assessments of innovative defense technologies are conducted to measure their effectiveness and capability based on the Joint Force’s needs.’s focus at T-REX centers on the critical need for AI and data orchestration in complex edge environments like the battlefield. During military operations, a large amount of real-time data is generated from diverse sources like sensors, weapons systems, and communication platforms. To transform the data into action, these data sources have to be manually integrated with centralized compute resources for AI processing. The result is a set of high-cost, brittle solutions that operate in siloes, are cumbersome to evolve, and cannot drive action with the immediacy required on the battlefield.

“Today’s Joint Force operates in an increasingly complex battlespace, with a multitude of AI models, hardware systems, software applications, and sensor data streams,” commented Mandy Long, CEO of “Fragmented data ecosystems like this create significant challenges in achieving a unified view of operations and limit the ability to take critical action in real-time.”’s showcase at T-REX-24-2 will rethink interoperability, unlocking compatibility between disparate edge data sources and 3rd party AI models. Further, will display its leadership in running these AI models at the ‘edge’, i.e. the precise moment and place where data is first generated, resulting in the ability to do complex orchestration with near-zero latency, according to the company.


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