BeyondTrust appoints Lisa Donnan to VP of Federal

beyondtrust 112BeyondTrust®, the Phoenix, AZ-based global cybersecurity company dedicated to proactively eliminating data breaches from insider privilege abuse and external hacking attacks, announced on July 15 the appointment of Lisa Donnan to vice president of Federal. In her new position, Donnan will leverage her successful track record of growing federal business over the past 20 years to further expand BeyondTrust’s reputation as a global leader in the Privileged Account Management (PAM) and Vulnerability Management (VM) markets.

“Everywhere Lisa has gone, she has significantly grown the organization’s federal footprint,” said Brendan Evers, senior vice president of sales, Americas at BeyondTrust. “Lisa will drive an exponential expansion of our federal business, helping agencies defend against the likes of external and internal attacks that have made recent headlines. Leveraging BeyondTrust’s integrated platform approach to PAM and VM technologies, the public sector will gain new visibility and control over their networks, allowing them to make smarter decisions about their security.”

In her former role as a vice president at TASC, Donnan led the Office of Technology and Marketing, and was responsible for growth initiatives that capitalized on emerging technologies. Prior to her position at TASC, Donnan led Salient Federal Solutions’ cybersecurity business unit. During her tenure, Donnan facilitated the advancement of cybersecurity solutions, information assurance, engineering and technology for both the public and private sectors.

“BeyondTrust’s ability to integrate PAM and VM technologies offers a unique and industry-leading approach to cybersecurity for organizations,” said Lisa Donnan, vice president of Federal, BeyondTrust. “The progressive company board led by Veritas Capital enables BeyondTrust and its employees to explore bold new approaches to innovation, and I am eager to add my talents to the mix.”

Source: BeyondTrust