BAE Systems unveils FalconWorks

On July 10, BAE Systems announced that it has launched a new division within its Air Sector called FalconWorks. It is a new center for advanced and agile research and development designed to deliver a range of cutting-edge combat air capabilities to the UK and its allies.

FalconWorks will focus on generating ideas, innovation and collaboration – working with new and existing partners, academia, research organizations, SMEs and national governments to deliver rapid concepting of new products and services needed by air force customers to maintain their edge.

Governments around the world are acutely aware of the increasing pace of technological change and the need to strengthen and adapt their security and defense to manage the evolving threat. Specialists at FalconWorks will assess emerging trends and deliver solutions with speed and efficiency, increasing the use of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum sensing and robotics. They will also collaborate with partners in areas such as autonomy, synthetic environments and electric-powered air systems.

“Defending our freedoms is becoming ever more unpredictable – the only constant is change. The creation of FalconWorks is a reflection of the changing environment and our goal to ensure innovative technology development is at the core of everything we do. This new division builds on our established expertise in world-leading combat air programmes such as Typhoon, F-35 and Tempest to unlock opportunities to expand our portfolio and deliver the breakthrough technologies which keep our customers ahead,” said Dave Holmes, managing director of FalconWorks at BAE Systems.

Source: BAE Systems

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