BAE Systems to provide SATURN waveform to Republic of Korea

On July 10, BAE Systems received multiple contracts totaling $111 million to provide the Second-generation, Anti-jam, Tactical, Ultra-high Frequency Radio for NATO, or SATURN waveform, to the Republic of Korea (ROK). As part of the country’s national communications modernization strategy, SATURN will bring secure and interoperable command and control capabilities to the ROK’s military for fixed-wing and rotary aircraft.

As the modern-day battlespace becomes more sophisticated, advancements in tactical waveforms are required. BAE Systems’ next-generation software defined radios will leverage SATURN’s fast frequency hopping waveform. SATURN will deliver new advantages to operators who rely on timely and accurate communications to inform key decisions in the field.

“In today’s complex and contested battlefields, superiority on the ground, in the air, and at sea is mission critical,” said Dave Logan, vice president and general manager of C4ISRS at BAE Systems. “This tailored solution for the Republic of Korea will equip its forces with state-of-the-art, secure, and modern communications for a variety of tactical missions while allowing them to maintain interoperability with the U.S. and coalition partners.”

The ARC-232A is a SATURN-capable software-defined radio, which is upgradeable, small, and lightweight, making jamming more difficult in the increasingly complex threat environment. The radios offer optimal receiver sensitivity in severe operating conditions and a broad range of configurations for potential countermeasures.

Source: BAE Systems

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