BAE Systems and Dell EMC collaborate to offer mission-ready cloud solution for the U.S. Government

BAE Systems of McLean, VA and Dell EMC of Hopkinton, MA announced on April 23 a collaboration to offer the first scalable, hybrid cloud solution of its kind for the U.S. government. The federated secure cloud is flexible enough to power agency-level IT modernization or support smaller, forward-operating units.

The solution empowers users to collaborate securely through common business applications while also providing users with common access to mission-essential tools. Its environment includes zero-anonymity security features for security administrators to monitor, track, and control in real time all software, hardware, and user access to their respective clouds.

“Our federated secure cloud is not just a modified commercial cloud environment for government use. It was designed from the start with high-assurance security in mind,” said Al Whitmore, president of BAE Systems’ Intelligence & Security sector. “Our solution arrives mission-ready and pre-engineered with the security credentials required to operate in a secure government environment.”

“When it comes to enterprise IT and cloud, U.S. government agencies want mission-ready turnkey solutions,” said Steve Harris, senior vice president and general manager of Dell EMC’s federal business. “Our federated secure cloud arrives embedded with customizable Dell EMC and VMware technologies to meet an agency’s unique mission needs. This allows us to shorten the typical lead-time required to deliver and stand-up a federal cloud solution.”

The solution satisfies more than 900 security controls and offers the highest assurance enterprise desktop services available in the government, with more than 30 controls from Intelligence Community overlay subpart C (INT-C) for rapid deployment authorization. This architecture enables administrators to automate the process of facilitating patches and updates, minimizing disruptions to users and missions while also reducing localized IT administrative costs.

Source: BAE Systems